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I am dedicated to the healing journeys of my patients and always strive to provide an excellent treatment with lots of open communication. If you’d like to get an idea of some of the experiences past patients have had with my services, a selection of their testimonials are below.

Kate’s spectrum of holistic tools and intuitive ways left few stones unturned when seeking the source of my back pain, I felt well held and inspired by her passion for health and appetite to understand the human body


Kate is an awesome practitioner. Some people have a real healing touch, Kate is one of those people. From the moment you are in her hands, they do the work and you are in the right place. She has a touch and a wisdom that transcends the norm. With an open heart, a warm embrace and a smile on her face, Kate knows what to do.


My session with Kate was so relaxing and healing and I felt so safely held in her love and deep wisdom. I left feeling aligned, balanced, refreshed and harmonious. I highly recommend Red Phoenix Acupuncture .


Had a beautifully relaxing treatment from Kate who is a very warm, intuitive and knowledgeable therapist. Would highly recommend!


Kate is very intuitive and aware in her abilities to calmly treat me. Her instincts are spot on. She is able to combine her varied training to relax and heal.


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