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What to expect

Your initial consultation will involve taking a full medical history and carrying out some diagnostic techniques, which will be used to compose a tailored treatment plan specifically for you.

The Chinese medicine diagnosis techniques provide your practitioner with a huge amount of information to assist in making a diagnosis. They involve taking your pulse in different positions on your wrist, looking at your tongue and feeling certain areas on your stomach. A personalised plan is then compiled, and your first acupuncture treatment will begin.

Follow-up sessions will be slightly shorter although each one will involve a similar diagnostic protocol to assess how you are responding to treatment.

If you are new to acupuncture or have any queries, please feel free to contact me. 

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Diagnostic Techniques


Pulse Taking

Your pulses will be read before, during and towards the end of each treatment. As acupuncturists, we take the pulse at different positions along the wrist, which gives us insight to the quality of Qi and Blood in the body, specifically related to each organ.

Tongue Diagnosis

In Chinese medicine the tongue tells us a lot about the true condition of our patients. There are many connections between the tongue and the meridian system and internal organs, providing a profound element to our diagnosis.


Stomach Palpation

Feeling your stomach for any additional signs may also be used in your diagnosis. Different areas on the stomach relate to different elements of your body.

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