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So, why the Red Phoenix?!

The red phoenix, or vermilion bird as it’s referred to in Chinese medicine, resonates deeply with my life’s journey, and was therefore chosen to travel alongside me in my ventures as an acupuncturist. The vermilion bird in Chinese medicine is one of the four heavenly constellations, emanating from the south. As with everything in Chinese medicine, all manifestations fit neatly within the five phases: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The vermilion bird represents the fire element and the season of summer – where life blooms to its fullest potential, where it expands to the utmost yang before beginning its retreat through autumn and into the quiet depths of winter.

Graced with the power of flight, the vermilion bird gains a broad perspective on the world, free from the constraints of Earth. Facing south, where Fire reigns, the clear radiance of Heavens all-creative power illuminates our path as we reach our full potential.

The heart is represented as the yin organ associated with the fire element and is granted the designation of Emperor within the hierarchy of organs. It is said that the heart is where our spirit resides. In Chinese medicine, the occupation of the heart is to hold stillness for the spirit to reside peacefully. The heart is deeply entwined with love.

One of the gifts of the fire element, is that of community. It’s in the summer where the warm sun and long days draw us back in to our community following the quiet retreat of winter, where we gather, share and nourish our hearts. The warmth of laughter raises the spirits and lightens the loads we all face in our day-to-day existence.

It is these elements that I try to capture in my work. The warmth and love, community, broadness of perspective and the encouragement of the full potential of healing and transformation.

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