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How acupuncture changed my life

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Life can be a rollercoaster, and in my experience there are times I just want it to slow down so I have a moment to catch my breath a little before the next wave hits. The few years leading up to my personal discovery of acupuncture had been rough and relentless and I was willing the rollercoaster to slow down, just for a moment, just so I could breathe for a second and take stock. It didn’t.

If I’ve learnt one thing through my life’s journey so far, it’s that through those tough times our biggest gifts can be gleaned, providing we allow some space for them to shine through. The people that are thrown into our paths, the moments of joy that are so fully appreciated and the profound insights we gain from the bottom of the depths of our darkest days. For me, some of those insights were the gift of perspective. No matter how tough things felt in that moment, there were always people dealing with far more, and with far less to support them through it.

As I continued on my healing journey following a number of bouts of surgical procedures, I had my first personal encounter with acupuncture, and my life changed – I think, forever. At this point I knew nothing about Chinese medicine. I was expecting the practitioner to stick in some needles around the site of the pain, although aware at this point that I was in a pretty chronic situation, so was certainly not holding my breath for a miraculous cure. Despite my expectations, that treatment was the beginning of an awe-inspiring journey which changed my path instantaneously.

I had been exploring various modes of healing, physical, emotional and spiritual for many years, although that treatment was one of the most emotionally profound moments I had experienced yet. Following the consultation, the acupuncturist inserted some needles and the wave of emotion began – it was high and rough and took me totally by surprise. It felt like a lifetime of tears bubbled quickly to the surface. The banks burst and the familiar warm streams trickled down my cheeks, and they continued for the duration. The needles were removed, the treatment over and I felt the murky sadness had a pressure valve released.

My life was far from fixed. There was so much going on for me at that time, on all levels. However, suddenly I felt like it was all manageable. I was desperate to know more of this magic medicine. And so my journey began…

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